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Alice :: Lewisburg Maternity Photography

Facebook is a wonderful thing sometimes.  A girl I knew from high school that lived all the way in Florida referred her pregnant friend that lived nearby to me for maternity portraits.  If it wasn’t for the social networking world I probably wouldn’t be in touch with the Florida friend and the whole introduction may not have happened.  But OH am I glad it did!!  I received the request and just a few days later I was headed North to do some Lewisburg maternity photography.  I adored this couple during their maternity shoot.  They were sweet and adorable and just so connected with each other….I am just so excited to meet their newborn.

Lewisburg Maternity Photography Lewisburg Maternity Photography Lewisburg Maternity Photography Lewisburg Maternity Photography Lewisburg Maternity Photography Lewisburg Maternity Photography

And THEN it got even BETTER….because they asked me to photograph their baby when she arrived.  Alice was sooooo  relaxed, squishy, snuggly….She is the perfect addition to this already adorable family.  I hope I get the opportunity to watch her grow 🙂

Lewisburg Maternity Photography Lewisburg Maternity Photography Lewisburg Maternity Photography Lewisburg Maternity Photography Lewisburg Maternity Photography Lewisburg Maternity Photography

Newborn Photography Lancaster PA: Tips For Moms

Newborn Photography Lancaster PA

Newborn Photography Tips For Mom:

When I book a session for newborn photography in Lancaster pa it is generally long before the baby actually arrives.  So, when the baby finally makes his or her appearance everything I have told the parents has long since left their brain.  I figured the easiest way to make sure that families know exactly what to expect during a newborn photography session would be to lay it all out all my newborn photography tips for them in black and white so they can refer to it if (realistically WHEN) they forget everything I said 🙂

Newborn Photography Lancaster PA

Here is a short check list of newborn photography tips to ensure we have the best, most cooperative subject possible. Now this is my list as a newborn photography in Lancaster Pa. Other newborn photographers might have other tips.

1)  Turn up the heat.  The new human has just been evicted from a warm, cozy environment into….well, whatever conditions are outside.  If you are uncomfortably warm then your new human is going to be sleepier and relaxed for our session.

Newborn Photography Lancaster PA

2) Undress the model.  Take off every bit of clothes they are wearing right down to their socks.  Getting the baby undressed ahead of time allows them to adjust to the temperature of the environment and means less “jarring” later.  You can leave a diaper on them, but please unhook the tape.  This makes for easy removal when it is show time.  If your new human is uncomfortable being naked I suggest you wrap loosely in a light blanket while they eat.

Newborn Photography Lancaster PA

3)  Feed them.  When you think they are full, burp them….and feed them some more.  There is this wonderful newborn condition called being “milk drunk”.  It is a newborn photographer’s best friend.  Signs of milk drunkenness are limp bodies, even breathing, closed eyes and complete inactivity.  Please, feed your new human starting about 30 minutes before my scheduled arrival and continue feeding while I set up.

Newborn Photography Lancaster PA

4)  Relax.  Let me do my thing.  Enjoy the break.  Have some tea.  Close your eyes for a moment.  I have done many, many, MANY newborn shoots.  I have been vomited on.  I have been peed on.  I have endured even worse.  I bring spare clothes for a reason.  That reason is that I WILL wear your child’s DNA at some point during our time together.  And that is ok.  There is no need for an apology…it’s all part of a day’s work.Newborn Photography Lancaster PA

What will I bring with me…Everything we need.  I will bring a posing bag, lighting equipment (in case we lack natural light which is my preference), a backdrop stand, backdrops, heating pads, white noise and props…..oh so many props.

What you provide…the new human(s) and any “special” items you want included in your session.

Newborn Photography Lancaster PA

Location…I prefer to come to you…especially when there are older siblings involved.  Many people worry that they don’t have the space.  Do you have a pack ‘n’ play set up?  Then you have space.  New humans are quite small.  I am gifted at working in smaller-than-your-kitchen-table work areas.  I do, however, have studio space if you really would rather travel to my almost-ready-studio in Marietta.

Siblings…I encourage parents to add siblings to a few pictures.  Newborns often have toddler siblings.  I don’t believe in forcing toddlers to be in portraits (really….can you FORCE a toddler to do anything?).  That said, I have never walked away from a session without sibling portraits if the client asked for them.  Don’t over-prepare the siblings for the session.  Mention that the baby is getting their picture taken.  Small children are naturally drawn into the activity.  Once they are interested I take over and the rest is mostly magic…..mostly.

Newborn Photography Lancaster PA

So, there you have it…newborn photography tips….easy enough, right?  I can’t wait to get started with your new human!

If you know someone who is pregnant and is thinking about a newborn photography session, send them my newborn photography tips.  This is good information for anyone who is thinking about getting pictures of a new human. Check out my Maternity and Newborn Session information.

Newborn Photography in Lancaster Pa

Newborn photography in Lancaster PA is a specialized services.  It can take many hours to win the battle with a baby who just isn’t comfortable in front of the camera.  Just relax and the end result will surprise you. I am a high rates and reviewed newborn photographer in Lancaster PA.