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Dipti & Amit :: Harrisburg Maternity Photography

Dipti contacted me to inquire about maternity portraits.  She was due in April and wanted outdoor portraits in February.  I thought it an odd request, but I am usually game for anything.  When I offered her my Maternity and Newborn Session discount she kindly informed me that she lived in New York City and  and would be visiting her family for that weekend only so newborn photography was not an option, but she was up for some Harrisburg maternity photography.  (Yay for Google search for pointing her in my direction!)  I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to photograph her baby, but I was still really looking forward to her maternity session.  She wanted to wear her traditional Indian clothes for part of the session and then change into another outfit for the rest of the session.  I was a bit nervous as I watched the weather that week in February because Mother Nature seemed determined to ruin my fun.  But, as session day approached Dipti assured me that she and her husband were determined to get these portraits taken.   And, let me tell you, they were serious.  When they arrived I was a bit taken aback by how gorgeous they were!  (Man, I wish I could have been their newborn photographer!)  She was dressed in bright orange and it was actively snowing.  What AMAZING luck I have!!  We managed to do the shoot and warm up in the car thing pretty successfully.  At the end of their session they told me if I came to New York they would happily hire me for their newborn photography.  Oh how I wish I could have.  Newborn photography is just too unpredictable and requires far too much gear for me to be able to take it all to NYC on a moment’s notice.  But they assured me that I have not seen the last of them.  I certainly hope that I haven’t <3
Harrisburg_Maternity_Photography_Dipti Harrisburg_Maternity_Photography_Dipti Harrisburg_Maternity_Photography_Dipti Harrisburg_Maternity_Photography_Dipti Harrisburg_Maternity_Photography_Dipti




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