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I am Chandler Bing.

My 14 year old and I are binge-watching Friends on Netflix.  The other night was the episode where Chandler and Monica were attempting to get their engagement portraits taken.  As I was sitting there bonding with my teen I realized something about myself.



Many of you probably don’t know that my major in college was mass communications with an emphasis on journalism.  I was the editor of my high school paper.  I never met an English class I didn’t love.  I had MAD writing skills!!  Then I attempted blogging.  (Here is my ridiculous first attempt at blogging.)  And much like Chandler, who loses all ability to smile when he is in front of a camera, I lose all ability to write creatively when I sit down to blog.  Who knew?!?

Currently, I am sitting in the faculty room at my children’s school where I volunteer on Fridays waiting on the copier to finish a massive job.  I was bored so I decided to give the old pen (Bright green!  Go, Donegal!) and paper (the backside of a copying mistake pulled form the recycling bin) a try.  I am not sure it is going any better than when I type.


So, why blog, you ask?  As a photographer it is my goal to let my work tell the story, right?  A picture is worth a thousand words and all that jazz.  Well, research tells me this blogging thing is a necessity in building my business.  I will spare you the very boring details.  But, here I am (again)…..blogging….and, let’s be honest, not terribly well.  But guess what?!?  Business is growing.  So, I will continue along with my Chandler Bing-like writing skills and hope that you all stop by once in a while to at least take a look at all the pretty pictures 🙂

By the way, here are two of my friends that are the supermodels of blogging:  Jessica Coup and Susan Heydt.  If my blog hasn’t put you to sleep you should definitely check them out!  You won’t be sorry.




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