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I am Chandler Bing.

My 14 year old and I are binge-watching Friends on Netflix.  The other night was the episode where Chandler and Monica were attempting to get their engagement portraits taken.  As I was sitting there bonding with my teen I realized something about myself.



Many of you probably don’t know that my major in college was mass communications with an emphasis on journalism.  I was the editor of my high school paper.  I never met an English class I didn’t love.  I had MAD writing skills!!  Then I attempted blogging.  (Here is my ridiculous first attempt at blogging.)  And much like Chandler, who loses all ability to smile when he is in front of a camera, I lose all ability to write creatively when I sit down to blog.  Who knew?!?

Currently, I am sitting in the faculty room at my children’s school where I volunteer on Fridays waiting on the copier to finish a massive job.  I was bored so I decided to give the old pen (Bright green!  Go, Donegal!) and paper (the backside of a copying mistake pulled form the recycling bin) a try.  I am not sure it is going any better than when I type.


So, why blog, you ask?  As a photographer it is my goal to let my work tell the story, right?  A picture is worth a thousand words and all that jazz.  Well, research tells me this blogging thing is a necessity in building my business.  I will spare you the very boring details.  But, here I am (again)…..blogging….and, let’s be honest, not terribly well.  But guess what?!?  Business is growing.  So, I will continue along with my Chandler Bing-like writing skills and hope that you all stop by once in a while to at least take a look at all the pretty pictures 🙂

By the way, here are two of my friends that are the supermodels of blogging:  Jessica Coup and Susan Heydt.  If my blog hasn’t put you to sleep you should definitely check them out!  You won’t be sorry.




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Past Client Special

So, my external hard drive is full….again.  I can’t believe the number of images, both professional and personal, I have stored on my external hard drives (plural…ugh).  I guess that means business is good so I will take it.  However, this also means that the time has come to consolidate and purge some files.  So, while I was sorting things out the other night I decided to offer a quick special for my past clients.  Here is the deal:

If you are a FAMILYTALES client (not Digital Party Pros) and are interested in owning ALL the images I edited for your session you can own them on disc for $100.  Simply inbox me which session you would like and I will invoice you for the $100 and send your disc. It’s that easy.  This offer ends next Friday, May 9th.  Please contact me before then by either email (jw@familytalesphotography.com) or Facebook messenger.

My New Adventure….

I am a giver.  I LOVE charity.  I love to make meals for people who are struggling.  I love to bake for random friends at any given time.  I am looking forward to signing up for Meals on Wheels as a delivery person next year.  I am always looking for opportunities to give.  Last week I came across a website….Red Thread Sessions .  This organization was created in 2011 to capture the beauty of adoption through photography.   This opportunity was CREATED for me!

I was so excited to be a part of this organization that I filled out the application from my iPhone while volunteering at my daughter’s elementary school.  I couldn’t wait until I got home to apply from my computer!  I was over-the-top thrilled.  And today I heard from them….after a rather intense review, I have been accepted.  I am the newest volunteer for Red Thread Sessions.

LOOK!  It’s me!!
(I clearly have to update my profile)

Anyway, I can’t wait to get my first call to go photograph a brand new family….Stay tuned.  I plan on adding a page just to keep you all up to date with the work I do with this group.

I did something this weekend that I haven’t done in years….

I put my camera away.  I didn’t take one picture with my camera the entire weekend.  That may not seem like a big deal to you, but for me, it is unheard of.  I am pretty sure there were some people that didn’t recognize me when I ran into them.  Carrying my camera with me constantly started out as a great way to learn new techniques and practice my existing skills as a photographer all while capturing endless images of the people around me making memories.  I am not saying this is a flawed logic.  It most certainly is not.  Practice makes….well, improvements.  But I am realizing that sometimes it just isn’t practical or necessary to have a camera in hand.

And truly, it may not have been such a shocking choice if I had just stayed home all weekend…but I didn’t.  My 13 year old had a *gasp* volleyball tournament.  I didn’t snap one picture of her bumping in the middle of game 2.  Not one shot of her looking anxious and then excited as her team came from WAAAAY behind to win a game.   And the picture of her with her and her teammates with their second place medals?  Taken with my iPhone.  And, guess what, that’s ok.

I am a little sad that I didn’t have my big old Canon in my hand when she overcame her fear of serving and hit the ball sailing over the net time after time.  But, it’s really fine.  I have the memory burned in my mind where it will live forever.  And I would like to think she was a little extra excited when she looked over at me and saw the pride that was written all over my face and not the lens of a camera hiding it.  That’s not to say I took no pictures at all throughout the day.  If I saw a quick opportunity I grabbed it….

photo 5Peep #3 and her dad on a walk between games 🙂 photo

Second place medal and a very tired smile <3

And on Sunday the family went geocaching in Spring Grove, PA.  We decided to try and discover some of the fun and different caches on the Spring Grove Geocaching Tour.  Because we haven’t done it before and I knew the peeps would have a blast I almost picked up my camera to take along…but I didn’t.  And I couldn’t be happier with my choice.  The peeps had my total and complete attention….and again, I grabbed a few quick shots with my iPhone, but I captured the rest with my memory.

photo 1This was not the cache.  It was just a random laser-looking item attached to a flagpole.Lately I have been obsessed with old (often dead) trees.  My next free weekend I WILL be grabbing my camera and heading out to shoot old trees. photo 2This pictures has shadows and a trashcan in the background and I have a child missing some limbs…but it is PERFECT. photo 3This is peep #2.  He read.  I mean he reads EVERYTHING.  He jumped out of the car at this VFW and said “Mom, I need to read the sign first”….I adore this picture. photo 2The children actually instructed me to get a picture of the windmill at this cute store in York, PA just because they thought it was cool.

So, bottom line…this was a HUGE step for me…the girl who ALWAYS has her camera in her hand or on the passenger seat of her car.  I can’t promise I will put the Canon away often, but as summer approaches I want to be conscious of the importance of filing away memories in my brain and not just images on my hard drive.

DPS PTO Family Portrait Fundraiser : Ordering Instructions

Family Portrait Fundraiser

First of all, I want to thank every Mount Joy, Marietta and Maytown family that came out to the Donegal Primary School to support the PTO last night with their family portrait fundraiser from FamilyTales Photography.  For the families that chose to get their portraits done at the family portrait fundraiser, here are the instructions to view and then choose the 8×10 print which you paid for last night.

1) Click on this link for your family portrait fundraiser: VIEW MY PORTRAITS

2) Enter YOUR email address and the password that was written on the business card you were given last night when you paid.

3) View your portraits.

4) When you choose the image you want COMMENT on that image.  Please simply type the word: YES as a comment on the picture that you are choosing as the 8×10 print you have already paid for.  Please only comment on ONE of your images and please only comment the word YES.

5) That is all.  After you have chosen your 8×10 portrait you are finished with the PTO family portrait fundraiser part of this deal.


You are welcome to order additional prints from the family portrait fundraiser in either 4×6, 5×7 or 8×10.  You can do this by clicking on the image you want to order and choose “buy”.  This process is a normal ordering process.  You will place your order and go through the check-out process.  Your order will ship directly to your home.  DO NOT INCLUDE THE 8X10 PRINT YOU CHOSE FOR YOUR PTO DEAL IN THIS ORDER UNLESS YOU ARE ORDERING ADDITIONAL PRINTS OF THAT SAME POSE.

To purchase a digital download you go through the same process as if you were ordering a print, but you choose the “digital download” option.

If you have any questions or you have forgotten your password please private message me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/familytalesphotography Please do not post inquiries on my wall.

FamilyTales Photography specializes in children and families with big personality. Family Portrait Photography holds a special place in our hearts.  Family photography can show a great range of emotions, and as a photographer who enjoys interactions. Family Portrait Photography is a favorite.