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My New Adventure….

I am a giver.  I LOVE charity.  I love to make meals for people who are struggling.  I love to bake for random friends at any given time.  I am looking forward to signing up for Meals on Wheels as a delivery person next year.  I am always looking for opportunities to give.  Last week I came across a website….Red Thread Sessions .  This organization was created in 2011 to capture the beauty of adoption through photography.   This opportunity was CREATED for me!

I was so excited to be a part of this organization that I filled out the application from my iPhone while volunteering at my daughter’s elementary school.  I couldn’t wait until I got home to apply from my computer!  I was over-the-top thrilled.  And today I heard from them….after a rather intense review, I have been accepted.  I am the newest volunteer for Red Thread Sessions.

LOOK!  It’s me!!
(I clearly have to update my profile)

Anyway, I can’t wait to get my first call to go photograph a brand new family….Stay tuned.  I plan on adding a page just to keep you all up to date with the work I do with this group.