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2016 Winter and Spring Photography Session Dates

I have had many people inquiring about (and booking!!) late winter and spring portraits.  Currently I am able to accommodate last minute requests, but as the weather gets warmer I will be booking 2-3 months in advance. So, before my calendar completely fills up I thought it would be easiest just to put those portrait session dates out there so if you are interested in in booking a session you can hopefully find one that works for your schedule.  Please contact me as soon as you know when you would like to schedule by clicking here.  Please keep in mind (especially my teaching friends), weekday sessions are more easily scheduled so I didn’t include them in the list below.

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The following dates are currently available for weekend sessions:

March: 12, 13
April: 10, 23, 24
May 7, 22
June: 11, 12, 26
July: 30, 31

Weeknight sessions (Two sessions per evening)
April: 12, 14, 19, 21
May: 3,5,10,12,17,24
June: 7,9,14,16,28
July: 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28
***Late summer/fall schedule will be released in the late Spring***
Please let me know if you would like to be put on the calendar for one of these dates by clicking here.

Avalon :: Marietta Child Photography

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Avalon turned 5 and her momma asked me to take her birthday portraits.  I was really looking forward to the session because I knew exactly how spunky and out-going Avalon was.  This was Avalon’s first solo shoot with me because the last time I photographed her it was during her baby sister, Haven’s newborn photography session.  Child photography can be SO much fun especially if you have a child with the right personality and Avalon is the epitome of that.  We had to reschedule because the poor kiddo had the stomach bug the day we were originally supposed to meet.  But it all worked out perfectly because we had the most beautiful morning to play.

We met at one of my favorite Lancaster county locations.  When I asked Avalon’s mom, Jess, where she would like to go for the portraits she replied “You choose!  You are the one who needs to be inspired!”  I love that!!  I also love that Jess shares my belief that portraits should capture a child’s true personality for the age that they are at.  She, again, like me, allowed her 5 year old to help choose her portrait day outfits.  I allow my own children to choose their ensembles for the individual sessions I do with them each year and then mom picks for the annual family portraits 🙂  Jess said she had originally chosen some white dresses for the portrait session, but then quickly realized that white dresses were truly not “Avalon”.  So, after some discussion they compromised on the outfits you see in the images below….my favorite being the floral dress, mardi gras beads, cheetah print leggings and hot pink boots.  She rocked the outfit and the entire portrait session.

I love when a client trusts me so much that they just have a seat and send me off with their child to do my thing.  I find that in most situations that it works best for the child and I to work together without mom or dad’s watchful eye.  It gives me a chance to get to know the child instead of chatting with the parents and it gives the child the opportunity to express who they are without correction or direction from mom and dad.   Avalon opened up and told me elaborate stories about the location we were at.  She has quite an imagination.  I am really looking forward to watching her grow….it’s sure going to be entertaining <3


{Family Photographer} Jacob & His Moms / Watsontown PA

Family Photographer

This is one of my very best friends.  I call her Q.  A few years ago she was a bit of a lost soul…a bit of a wild child (only she wasn’t so much a child anymore).  To my children she was always mommy’s “fun friend”.  She was the one that would do all the things at the playground that would make me cringe and think about emergency room co-pays.  Then she met Jen.  Something in my friend changed.  Jen anchored my friend.  They immediately connected and their relationship moved forward pretty quickly. Shortly after they met they got pregnant with Jacob (whaaa?  Q was going to be a MOMMA??) and got married (in a CrossFit gym, no less). There would be no question I was going to be her family photographer.

Family Photographer PA

Newborn Photographer PA Family Photographer PA Family Photographer PA Family Photographer PA Newborn Photographer PA Newborn Photographer PA


I have been alongside of them, camera in hand, every step of the way.  They are the friends that will always be family.  Jacob is now a jovial funny 2 year old that knows how to FaceTime me without any assistance…and does so often 🙂  He said my name for the first time this week over the iPad and told me he loved me (unprompted).  I love watching Jacob and his family grow.  I love our bond.  I realize that I can’t have a bond quite this strong with all my customers because, after all, Q was my friend long before she ever stepped in front of my lens, and became a family photographer.  But still, this is the goal….the bond….the friendship….the capturing of snippets at each stop along the way….writing the tale of their family.

Family Photographer PA Family Photographer PA Family Photographer PA Family Photographer PA Family Photographer PA Family Photographer PA Family Photographer PA